Why is the Zam Zam water a must-try for pilgrims during the Umrah?


pilgrims during the Umrah….


One of the things you’ll read or hear when asking other people about must-try and must-get things during Umrah is the Zam Zam water. Every pilgrim that has been to the Holy Land will attest that you cannot miss out on this water since it’s no ordinary water.

So, what makes the Zam Zam water unique? For starters, it’s not your ordinary water. The Zam Zam water has a lot of important history behind it. It is believed that this water came from God and that it was the source of water that Ismail, son of Ibraim, drank when he was left with his mother, Hajar, when got really thirsty. 

What’s so special about this water is that the well from where it springs forth, never seems to run out of water. It has a constant supply of water, enough to allow every pilgrim to have a taste. In terms of health benefits, the Zam Zam water is said to help boost the body’s energy levels, speed up recuperation and recovery, and even improve bone health. More info about the benefits of the Zam Zam water can be found in Umroh’s website.