Why is there a Nickelodeon logo spray painted in an alleyway downtown?


It’s likely the Nickelodeon logo is from the “The Snooker Reporter.” According to the Wilmington Regional Film Commission, that is the only production Nickelodeon has done in the Port City. The sign is along Muter’s Alley, behind Peking Gourmet Chinese Restaurant on South Front Street in downtown Wilmington. The TV series was filmed in Wilmington in April 1999 and was aired on Nickelodeon as a 5 minute short every day at 5 p.m. According to local actress Barbara Weetman, who played “Fraulein” in the show, the story followed a little girl who was a news reporter. Someone was stealing animals and shipping them to Europe. As she covered the news, she also tried to unravel the mystery. Weetman’s character was the “bad guy.” Filming took place mostly at Orton Plantation. “The Snooker Reporter” also starred Hallee Hirsh, Nancy Saunders and Jerry Winsett. Jonathan Capra worked as a crew member.

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