Why is transmission fluid blowing out of the dipstick tube?

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1 Answer

12) There is always a possibility there may be an internal problem causing this, but generally there are four common causes for this problem. First, it may be overfull. Check the fluid when it is hot. Hot means "hot to the touch". If you can grab the end of the dipstick and it doesn't burn, it isn't hot enough to be checked as "hot". So if it is just warm, then you need to look at the cold or warm level on the dipstick. In other words, filling to the higher, "Hot" level when it isn't hot is essentially overfilling it. Also, ensure you check it properly. Some vehicles (certain Chryslers) require checking in "Neutral" while most require checking in "Park". Check the owner's manual or read the directions on the side of the dipstick. Second, the transmission vent may be clogged with dirt. This is an easy fix. Third, the locking mechanism on the dipstick handle (some GM products) may not be functioning properly. And finally, the transmission cooler lines may be pinched or the cooler fins ...
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