Why is VCO called the healthiest and most versatile of all vegetable oils?

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1 Answer

VCO is composed primarily of short and medium chain triglycerides (SCTs and MCTs). These triglycerides are quickly digested, go straight to the liver through the portal vein and are synthesized instantly into energy thereby increasing the body metabolism. VCO does not produce fat and has absolutely no cholesterol. VCO contains lauric acid in abundance compared to other fatty acids that make up the oil. Lauric acid is known to be transformed by the body into the disease fighting monolaurin when ingested. Monolaurin has been identified to be effective in combating lipid-coated viruses and bacteria. Monolaurin inactivates and disintegrates the lipids (fats) covering pathogenic micro-organisms exposing these to natural antibodies and the combative action of ingested medication. Monolaurin has similarly been identified to cause the death of a number of microorganisms. more
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