Why is Winston Churchill a hero?

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Chuchills wartime speechmaking is of the highest quality in showing implaccabilty to what the Nazis stood for & what he was against. By this time Churchill had already had a long, long time in British politics. He had been both Home Secretary & Chancellor of the Exchequer, WW2 became the pinnacle of his political life ironically it provided for him to rise to the heights of political leadership. Yes, I think it was what he actually said, they way he said what he did, his style of leadership & his personal qualities which make him stand proud as a great leader. Winston Churchill by his own admission was a man of many faults, but he is a hero because of his steadfast refusal to give up the fight against Nazism, especially at a time when many other leaders would have given up. A man with famously prodigious appetites, Churchill was the only one of the Allies who truly understood the danger and risks in both the War and the Alliance itself. Certainly American President Franklin Roosevelt, ... more
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