Why is www buyhack org the only way to hack yahoo, msn, gmail user password?

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Not that I agree with this- but here is the information you are looking for: Here are some of the tricks that can be used to track password of a person’s email account. THINGS YOU SHOULD KNOW BEFORE PROCEEDING There is no program that will hack the password of one’s account. There exist many programs which claims hack an email account, but unfortunately people using these kind of programs will only end up in frustration. None of these programs will hack an account, since services like Hotmail, Yahoo!, etc. have it set so that it will lock you from that account after a certain number of login attempts. Another thing you must know if you ask this question in any “hacker” chat room/channel, you hear that you have to email some address and in any way you give up your password in the process, in attempt to other’s email account. So, DO NOT BELEIVE THIS. EASIEST WAY TO HACK AN EMAIL ACCOUNT Today, with the advent of a program called Keylogger it’s just a cakewalk to hack other’s email ...
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