Why isn’t Egypt an OPEC member?

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Egypt has started to play a pivotal role, and is considered one of the influential states in the petroleum industry. Undoubtedly, Egypt’s presence as an observer in OPEC paves the way for it for the proper follow-up and participation in realizing the market’s stability mechanism, as well as allowing it to move easily and with broad flexibility for its welfare, being one of the oil producing countries. In addition, its presence as a member won’t change as much in its role, as it is cooperating with OPEC, and participating in realizing its major goals. Scarcity of skilled petroleum employees is a problem facing many employers in the sector, what is the Ministry’s strategy to face this issue? As the Oil & Gas Sector has become one of the leading sectors for the Egyptian economy, the Ministry of Petroleum realized the importance of developing the human resources (Managers, Geoscientists, Engineers and Technicians), which are considered to be the cornerstone of any future development ...
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