Why maps are more useful than globes are for studying small areas on the surface of earth ?

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Maps are much more convenient than globes for many purposes. Maps of relatively small areas, such as your state or city, can be drawn with great accuracy, and you get to see the area in much more detail. Even maps of larger areas, such as continents or the world, can be drawn with enough accuracy to be useful and practical for many purposes. Globes are the best representation of the earth because all distance, areas, and shapes are proportionally correct. Since globes are round like the Earth, they show the correct shape, location, and relative size of all land and water features. Thus, you can think of a globe as a miniature planet Earth. Unfortunately globes of any size are rather inconvenient to tote about and store, and detailed images of even a large country would require globes larger than a room. Using portions of a globe would work but they still don't lie down flat and would be like trying to store large potato chips (potato crisps) of all different sizes in book form. ... more
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