Why should I buy a remanufactured ETM from XeMODeX rather than going to my Volvo dealer?

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First and foremost,- the Volvo potentiometer throttle position sensor (TPS) wears out, the XeMODeX Digital Angle Sensor (DAS) has no rubbing parts to wear out and carries a lifetime limited warranty against failure of the DAS. The Volvo warranty, after the initial 10-year or 200,000-mile warranty, is only one year on parts and service. Replacing the XeMODeX remanufactured ETM can be done by an independent mechanic, most auto repair chains or by a competent do-it-yourself mechanic. It is not as difficult as changing an alternator or starter. The Volvo ETM, with the potentiometer (the volume control knob on a radio turns a potentiometer) as a TPS, is a time bomb than can fail anytime, anywhere and there are not Volvo dealers on every corner and often not within hundreds of miles. The Volvo ETM can only be replaced by a Volvo dealer as they are the only ones with the computer and Internet connection to VCNA to download and initalize the new (never installed on a car) ETM. By sending ... more
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