Why Teak Porch Furniture?


All hardwoods will last very well in comparison to soft wood garden furniture. They simply repel moisture much better and will not warp like pine and other fast growing trees. Teak has amazing water repelling properties which means it is perfect for outdoor furniture. Not just on the patio, it is perfectly suited to be out in the garden in all weathers. This is why so much quality decking is also made from teak. Just like cedar the oil content is very high. This makes even cheap teak patio furniture perfect for repelling all manner insects. This means we do not have to worry about insects literally infesting our furniture as is the case with many lower quality furniture. The high oil content will also mean that we do not have to concern ourselves with treating the wood. Teak patio chairs and other forms of teak furniture can be left in a perfectly natural state without the worry of it disintegrating. We can simply allow it to mellow with age until it gets a wonderful grey silver color