Why to resize Windows 7 partition?

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1 Answer

Just as the above request indicates, the reason why to have a partition manager to manage the disk contains the following items: • Most people use Windows XP and when they want to upgrade to Windows 7, they have to extend the C drive. The reason is that, Windows 7 requires much more space than Windows XP. • Microsoft recommends a fresh install of Windows 7 to replace Windows XP. After the Windows 7 is installed, the partition might become low disk space when you try to install the other applications and program. In such condition, you also have to resize or extend Windows 7 C drive partition for other applications. • People need some time to be familiar with the new Windows 7 system but still cannot give up their old system. Therefore, they plan to keep the old system and spare some space to create a new partition to install Windows 7 and have a dual-boot system. more
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