Why use an ozone generator?

generator ozone

Ozone is the ONLY single method we have of destroying free-swimming parasites, bacterium and viruses. It also literally burns up organics and phenols. Due to the relatively short life span of ozone it quickly reverts to oxygen enriching the water quality. Obviously, improved water quality combined with the high oxygen content and the lack of bacteria to cause primary and secondary infections gives a huge boost to the livestock’s own immune system enabling speedy recover from knocks, parasite infestation, bacterial infections. Another major benefit is the prevention of cross infection in centralised systems. Systems using ozone generators do not require regular dosing of medications such as malachite green, formaline, acriflavine or antibiotics. If they were to be administered the ozone generated would burn them out. Why do we need a ORP Controller/Meter and Probe? The ORP uses a probe, which is normally situated in the system reservoir to continually monitor and provide an accurate and