Why use Bio Identical Hormone Pellets vs. Creams or other Methods?

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1 Answer

Hormone levels in the body may be altered by a variety of methods, such as creams, skin patches, injections, and oral administration. The method we have determined to produce a consistent hormone release that is the most suitable for long-term, sustained results is in the form of time released pellets. The body draws on their pellets - contents in a very gradual fashion over a few months, instead of a cream, patch or injection that may cause the user to experience high or low valleys throughout the day as the hormones begin to take effect and again later as levels drop. Are Bio Identical Hormones Safe? Bio identical hormones are safe and effective alternatives to synthetic hormone replacement therapy. Multiple clinical studies and use dating over 70 years show that natural, bioidentical hormone therapy does not cause cancer. In contrast, a large-scale study known as the Women's Health Initiative trial treated thousands of women with a popular synthetic estrogen replacement product ... more
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