Why would a mother cat abandon her kittens?

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1 Answer

Get her spayed! cats go in heat about every 6 months keep dusty and her kittens in a small room.. her milk glands will swell and she will HAVE to feed her babies... I dont know why mommy kitties abandon their babies but why do human mommies abandon their babies?? Nobody knows why... Some animals just arent fit to be parents i guess =) but if she is refusing to feed her babies then you will have to step in and bottle feed them so they dont die of starvation... but be in for LONG nights since baby kitties eat every 2-4 hours =) good luck! another thing, cats do NOT abandon their young because of you handling their babies, Birds do that not cats... and didnt you say that you took in the female so she trusts you she isnt going to mind you messing with them, if she does have a problem with you messing with her babies then she will attack you! You can get kitten formula at petsmart and/or petco they even have baby bottles that you can buy! Good luck!! more
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