Why would a woman want her man to wear a chastity device?

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1 Answer

Not all women take to the idea of having her man locked up in a chastity device, at least not initially. But based on feedback from our customers, the reasons include: • To help restore trust in a relationship when there is suspicion or evidence of extra-marital affairs. • Similarly, women who have been hurt by a former partner's infidelity may want her man to wear one for her own sense of security. • Some women find it very erotic to be able to control their man's orgasm. • A man will try harder to please his woman if there is a chance she will deny him access to the key; consequently he's more attentive and helpful around the home. • As long as he is wearing it, you will never again have to worry about him leaving the toilet seat up. Generally, when the wife is holding the key and knows that he is locked, she will experience: • a greater sense of security and trust with your man • a sense of control that some women find very erotic • more attention and affection, and fore-play ... more
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