Why would I spend money on alternative health when MSP covers conventional medicine?

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The results of market research in Victoria, B.C. (April 2003) found that 43% of people were dissatisfied with the B.C. medical health system. They expressed frustration with long wait lists, rushed appointments, not enough doctors taking new patients, and a desire for more natural options. As sole proprietor Options for Health I see it as my responsibility to guide the general public to the understanding that alternative health practitioner fees are cost and health effective. For example: • An appointment with an alternative health practitioner (AHP) assures that whatever length of appointment you pay for will, in fact, last that length of time. • You can expect the undivided attention of an AHP that you employ yourself. If this is not the case and your needs are not being met, you are free to find a practitioner that offers what you need. • There is a wealth of highly qualified AHP’s to choose from. • Wait lists are typically much shorter than for a conventional doctor. • You remain ... more
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