Will ActiveHome Pro work with the older CM11A Computer Interface that shipped with the original version of ActiveHome?

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1 Answer

A. No. ActiveHome Pro is designed specifically for features and advanced electronics available only in the new USB Computer Interface (CM15A). The USB Computer Interface (CM15A) includes RF send and receive capabilities, as well as the ability to monitor all 256 house/unit codes at the same time, and 800% more memory. If you own the previous ActiveHome software and CM11A Computer Interface (serial), you can step up to the new ActiveHome Pro software and USB Computer Interface for a very reasonable price. For more information, click here. Q. What are the power/electrical requirements to use ActiveHome Pro? A. ActiveHome Pro sold through ActiveHomePro.com and X10.com are designed for use in North America only. They require control modules intended for use on 110V electrical systems. Q. My car came with a feature called HomeLink in the visor. Is this compatible with ActiveHome Pro? A. The HomeLink system you describe is a popular method for controlling garage doors while sitting in your ... more
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