Will Experts123 pay via anything other than PayPal?

Experts123 pay Paypal

Will Experts123 pay via anything other than PayPal?

Kathryn Perez

you don’t need a credit card to setup a PayPal account and you can get your banking information from your bank, just call them on the phone.  They will ask you a couple questions, like what is your social security number and other such questions to verify your identity and then they will give you their routing number and your account number.

Also, if you have a checking account you can apply for a debit card which can "pass" for a credit card too.  If you have a checking account, and checks, you have all the information already, at the base of the check.  If you have a savings account you can still get the routing number by calling the bank, or even doing a search on the internet for "routing number bank XXX" substitute your bank’s name for XXX, of course.

PayPal is reliable and secure.  I’ve used it for years.  After a couple months you can even apply for a PayPal debit card, too, which will give you immediate access to your money just like if it were a bank.

I do not know if Experts123 pays in any other way, but PayPal has always been good to me, even their customer service is great!


Athena Druid

You don’t need a credit card at. It is an optional option to add it to a PayPal account, but you do NOT need a credit card at all for PayPal.

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