Will hydrocodone an oxycodone show the same results in a drug screen?

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1 Answer

I had an expensive in office urine test screen for opiates, barbituates, amphetamine, and others. I had not taken an oxycodone for 5 months prior, only hydrocodone (norco/10-325). The test came back positive for oxy (and norco/opiates). I was astounded, especially due to the high cost ($395.) of this test. I asked 3 pharmacists-answer yes, you can get a false positive in a urine drug screen for oxy, even if you have only been taking hydrocodone. They sent my test out for mass spectrometry, but tested for the wrong drug-go figure-I had to take another expensive test (my co-pay with insurance is $195.), just becqause the last one was incorrect. Upon complaining, my new Dr, informed me that they were getting so many false positives for oxy with this particular urine screen (I'll try to get the brand & post it), that they basically ignore those positive oxy results if everything else is in order. Bottom line: Some urine drug screen tests will show a false positive for oxycodone even if ... more
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