Will Israel crush Hezbollah next time?

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1 Answer

The last war, humiliated Israel. Israel set out to cripple Hezbollah, but Hezbollah not only stayed alive but also killed a lot of Israeli soldiers. Since then Hezbollah has started buying Russian made missiles with the ability to hit Tel-Aviv. They also captured dozens on tanks and even helicopters. Hezbollah is the only group that has ever defeated Israel and is now supported by many people including Arabs, Muslims, Christians, South Americans and all those who hate the U.S.A. It has thousands of supporters and many more fighters. And recently the Lebanese government recognized Hezbollah as a Elite defence force. If or when Israel have a war with the Hezbollah, if the Hezbollah are able to learn invasions they may even defeat Israel inside Israel. However that war will probably have the U.S and U.K involved. But even then, the Hezbollah will survive. more
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