Will our immunocompromised children, who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons, start catching diseases because of exemptors?

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No. For the few children who are not vaccinated for medical reasons, it is said that herd immunity provides an indirect protection of unvaccinated children by making it difficult for the disease to spread. As discussed above, herd immunity has never been lost in 48 other states because of exemptions. On the other hand, children who were recently vaccinated with live virus vaccines are a very real danger to immuno- compromised children. Live virus vaccines include the MMR, chickenpox, oral polio. and Flumist. These live viruses are weakened, but are still dangerous to children who have immunodeficiencies. Parents of immunocompromised children should be more worried about the realistic threat of catching diseases from recently vaccinated children than about the speculative threat that diseases are coming back if half a percent of the population claims exemptions. 4. Will exemptions cause diseases to return and kill people? No. The other 48 states have never seen a return of diseases ... more
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