Would estriol and progesterone cream cause weight gain?

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1 Answer

cause these 2 hormones are the main hormones during pregnancy. Elasticity and firmness has to do with collagen structure. Estrogen does not have significant collagen rebuilding effect. You need vitamin C, lysine, proline, ascobyl palmitate to build collagen, or topical secretagogue that can stimulate collagen production. Triestrogen cream and estriol are very different compounds. Tri-estrogen, as its name imply, is a combination of three types of estrogen : E1 (estrone), E2 (estradiol), and E3 ( estriol). It can be synethetic or natural, and the ratio is very different in each. Synethetic kind is commonly available as a drug called Premarin. Natural kind needs to be compounded by a special pharmacy. During pregnancy, your progesterone is kept high to maintain proper function. The weight gain is from the pregnancy and not so much from the prosgesterone. In fact, progesterone has the opposite effect from estrogen which causes water retention. I am 45 years old and have always been ... more
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