Xanax, beer, and Sparks "energy" drink (7% alcohol) - what will it do?

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I'm wondering why he was put on Xanax for depression. It's not an anti-depressant. It's a benzodiazepine and is made for anxiety and stress. So, he should actually go back to the Doctor and request an anti-depressant and if the Doctor won't switch his medication, have him see somebody else. It's really distressing to hear he's mixing Xanax and alcohol. The alcohol from the beer is the same as the alcohol in the energy drinks so it doesn't matter what source it comes from. Alcohol and Xanax should NEVER be mixed. If he takes too much of either one and has mixed the two, he can overdose. Many celebrities have died as a result of a benzodiazepine and alcohol. It's deadly. It's good you're giving him food, it might slow the absorption rate but still, if he takes too high a dose it could be fatal. He shouldn't add fuel to the fire and also consume the energy drinks. Not only is he taking in more alcohol but probably caffeine or guarana as well, both stimulants that will not mix well with ... more
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