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(or mainly a set of links to frequently asked questions)

What is this Experts123 thing?

More of the same details over at the /About page but high level its about people helping people.  Sharing expertise to help others.  As a community we have these goals to help people as much as we can.

Goal 1.  Helping 1 Billion People.  Our big goal is by 2015 to help over 1 Billion people.  We are well on our way surpassing over 50M people who have experienced our Experts Community.

Goal 2.  Growing the community itself to over 1 Million Experts strong.

Goal 3.  Increasing the exposure and tools that allow you to share your message and engage your audience around your expertise.

How do I sign up?


What expertise or skills do I need in order to write for Experts123?

As long as you have knowledge and expertise in an area you can share it with others – Start here: http://www.experts123.com/Write

Overall, we are seeking writers who can be creative and witty, while sharing their own expert answers and articles on an ever-growing number of topics.

Why should I become an Experts123 Contributor instead of creating my own blog?

Experts123 is focused on helping others and sharing expertise.  When you write articles here its really about showcasing specific areas of expertise.  Its what makes us different.  We are working to make it the best place for you to showcase your skills and expertise in a variety of mediums.  You can expand online presence focused on your expertise here while linking to your existing websites and blogs as well.

Our Expert Contributors gain visibility through our site’s presence on other sites and search engines.

Take advantage of this opportunity to earn money and showcase your expertise, while gaining traffic to your blog or website.

What topics can I write about?

There is an endless amount of topics that we need for our Experts community.  Please use common sense and

The community is interested in anything and everything that you may have expertise in. As long as you have credible subject matter knowledge and can write good engaging content, then the topics are up to you.

There are also topics that we specifically will request Expert Contributors to write articles for and answer questions on.

How do I make sure I get as much traffic to my Profile, Articles, and Answers as possible?

The best way to get traffic to your page is to do your best work and to tell as many people as possible about your work on Experts123!

A great way to increase traffic is by linking to your assignments using social networking tools like Facebook or Twitter.  Get your friends to join Experts123, and you can contribute to each other’s traffic, too.

Still have questions?

Here are some questions that people have already asked that might answer your questions: