10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Malta

10 Things You Need to Know Before Traveling to Malta

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  1. The Airlines

    Great deals are available for flights to Malta, especially from other locations within Europe during the fall and winter months. These opportunities’ must, in most cases, be booked in advance. Tourists should also be aware that many airlines, which go to Malta, offer somewhat cramped conditions for the taller traveler, especially regarding leg space.   

    Lack of English in certain areas

    Though English is an official language in the country not everybody speaks it well. Unfortunately, this holds true to a few of the Maltese drivers who operate the bus system. Tourists, if they notice that a driver or other employee they deal with has not-exactly-fluent English, should double-check that they are heading to the correct destination.

    Siestas, Sundays, and Holidays

    Want to go to a pharmacy during the afternoon or on a Sunday? There is a good chance it will be closed. And pharmacies are just one example of businesses and other places which close at various times during the week. Therefore, make sure you check the hours of the destinations you want to visit before you go, as many will be closed without much warning.  

    A Taxi Companies’ Number

    If you decide to see Malta without a car, and it is relatively easy to do, ensure that you have the number of a reliable taxi service. The Maltese bus system, though extensive, does not have nighttime service in many places. Many of the scenic locations are away from cities and their corresponding loitering taxis. In order to linger and enjoy some of the events which take place in the later evenings and nights, simply have a taxi companies’ number at hand.  

    The Island’s ‘Wildlife’

    For those scared of big and savage animals Malta posses exactly zero. There are an abundance of small furry creatures and birds. More annoyingly, there are also a large number of cats on the island. While not confrontational, they can keep the weary travel up with their late night antics. Jellyfish are also present at some of the islands beaches, so take a look before running right in.

    The Tap water

    Some tourists have had bad experiences drinking straight from the tap, which has caused a few to become ill for up to a couple of days afterward. This is a simply avoided problem, just drink bottled water.

    Sensitivity to the Countries History

    Malta has been conquered many times in its past. Groups as diverse as the Phoenicians and the French have claimed the place. It was also part of the Arab conquests which took North Africa and parts of Southern Europe. Therefore, the Maltese populace is not exactly excited when they are told they look like they are from another country, particularly Turkey.   

    There are other islands to Visit

    While Malta is the main island in terms of both size and population, there are two other populated nearby islands, which are also a part of the island nation. The second largest is Gozo, which also has many historical sites and people, though nowhere near the number of nightclubs. Comino is the third islands name, and though very sparsely populated features amazing scenery and occasional mass parties.

    The Police

    The Maltese police forces are very friendly and will often let themselves be photographed by tourists, with surprisingly little pleading necessary. The police are more than willing to give directions and even recommendations as to what places to visit. And if the location of a place is relatively close, they may even guide you there personally.    

    Diversity of the People

    Aside from the natives, there are a huge number of foreigners’ who visit, study, and even live permanently in the country. Many of them are attracted by the chance to study English in a country where it is an official language. The quality of life coupled with the relative inexpensiveness of Malta also attracts many individuals and some businesses, as the country has no sales tax.   

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