10% off swtor credits for sale with 5 New Uprisings & Master Mode Chapters in January

10% off swtor credits for sale with 5 New Uprisings & Master Mode Chapters in January

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  1. Bioware Ben Irving has had an interview on Swtor 5th Anniversary. He has leaked on that interview that some legacy perks may be introduced in Galactic Command, as well as new tokens. Meanwhile, he said that five new Uprisings is coming on January 24, and a,, 25 chapters will come in Master mode next month.

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    An upcoming mechanic for Swtor Galactic Command

    As we all known, the new tokens will be introduced in Galactic Command, which can get from crates. Crafting facilitates that. If you earn a lot of materials on your main character, you could get a cool crafting set for an alt, and kind of catch them up right away.

    Besides, they also have an idea to add some legacy perks. if on one character you’re command rank 200, you can get X percentage boost to any of your characters.

    But if the new tokens added in January can make all issues solved, the Legacy perks may not be introduced in the game, or the percentages can be higher or lower depending on what pans out.

    New multiplayer content in January

    For the upcoming content on Swtor KOTET, Ben confirmed that five new Uprisings are coming on January 24, and then they will have 25 Master mode chapters coming out.

    So far, we have learned that the Master mode chapters are more geared towards solo players. But those chapters would be the hardest challenges. So you need to collect up the best gear and the high influence level companions before stepping into them.

    Besides, Bioware planned to launch a four-player content, but players are asking for a eight-player one. The form will be finalized by the end of January.

    Last, for the content coming in February and March, there will be a livestream by the end of January to show.

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