2017 Top site to buy neverwinter astral diamonds and gain Double EXP

2017 Top site to buy neverwinter astral diamonds and gain Double EXP

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  1. Double EXP is coming to consoles this weekend. That means, at the weekend, your characters and companions will be earn twice as much xp from quests, killing enemies and other activities. Buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds on Xbox to try your best to complete the quests.

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    When will Neverwinter 2x xp event start on consoles?

    Double EXP on Neverwinter Xbox will start on January 19 at 10 AM PT and end on January 23 at 10AM PT.

    Where can you get double XP in Neverwinter?

    2x XP event will grant all characters and companions twice as much XP as usual. During this event, you can gain double XP from professions, quests, invocation, completed Foundry missions and killing creatures.

    Besides, your companions will also be able to gain double XP as you progress in the game, even though you are level 70.

    Buy Neverwinter Astral Diamonds on Xbox to quickly level up

    To quickly level up your characters and companions, you had better stock up cheap neverwinter atral diamonds on xbox in case.

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    Neverwinter 2x XP is only available in this weekend. Don’t let it slip! Meanwhile, Sea of Moving Ice is also live on Xbox Neverwinter. Enjoy yourself!

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