2017 top site to buy swtor credits and learn swtors news from swtor2credits

2017 top site to buy swtor credits and learn swtors news from swtor2credits

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  1. The latest Swtor weekly Cartel Market sale introduced Advanced Violet Corona Crystals which are sold for 500CC each. Players can buy them from Cartel Market directly, instead of making pack-stuffers. Meanwhile, don’t forget that buying swtor credits cheap as a Swtor2credits member will grant you 2x reward points.

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    New items in Swtor Cartel Market this week

    For the week of January 3 to January 10, 2017, Swtor weekly cartel market has new items on sale:

    Advanced Violet Corona Hawkeye Crystal

    Advanced Violet Corona War Hero’s Crystal

    Advanced Violet Corona Indestructible Crystal

    Advanced Violet Corona Eviscerating Crystal
    SWTOR Jan 5 Producer’s Livestream Coverage and notes.
    Galactic Command Changes

    New currency: Command Tokens – earned from command crates, legacy wide and retroactively granted. Different tiers will get different amounts of tokens, still need to figure out the exact numbers.
    New currency: Unassembled Components – rewarded from participation in warzones. Earned at a flat rate, just win/losses. Still need to figure out how to balance earn rate from warzones vs arenas.
    New currency: Unassembled gear pieces – earned from Ops bosses or purchased with Unassembled components. Last boss of an operation have a guaranteed chance to drop a specific Unassembled Gear piece while other bosses have an increased chance to drop these gear pieces as you get further into the operation.
    Unassembled Components can be turned into Unassembled Gear Pieces. Unassembled Gear Pieces combined with Command Tokens will give you a tier set piece on the vendor. 2-3 command crates of Command Tokens will be enough to get a piece but you still need to get the Unassembled Gear Pieces.
    Vendors to purchase gear will be added to the fleet on Jan 24 with Game Update 5.1.
    Command Tokens can be used to buy CXP boosters for a lower CXP Tier for your alts. Looking at other ways as well such as legacy perks.
    Operations are not giving enough CXP currently so we are looking to bump those up.

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