In The 21st Century Great Website Design Is Critical For Your Business

In the 21st century business is moving rapidly to the internet. The high street is dying. Sad as that may be, there is a reason for it and that is that today everyone wants things to be as EASY as possible, and the likes of Amazon have made it a lot easier to go online and order something rather than to get in the car, drive to the shopping centre or mall, find somewhere to park, walk about and go into and out of various stores until you find what it is that you want, buy it, take it back to the car, and drive home again.


Heck, why would you do all that when you can go online, run a search in Google, find what you want, pay by card, and have it delivered to your door the following day? These days you simply do not need to set foot outside your door to buy anything from a washing machine or a fridge to a new handbag or a couple of pairs of socks. Yes, you might make an exception when considering buying a new car, but a pair of socks?? It is what, today, is called a no-brainer.

Even if you make an exception when considering a new car you will still, almost certainly, go online and take a look at the various local car dealers’ websites and the makes and models available before you take the trouble to go and visit their showroom.

This is why website design is crucial today. All sorts of figures are bandied about and it is difficult to know which to believe. However, one thing is certain and that is that if your website fails to attract a customer’s attention you have probably lost him or her within ten or fifteen seconds. Decisions are really made that fast.

Of course, this explains the proliferation of website design businesses around the world. When you own a website it is almost impossible to go for a day without receiving an email from a website design companywhich will almost always have as the subject line “First page of Google” (unless you opt for privacy, of course). There are thousands and thousands of these companies, some of them very good, some of them not so good, and some of them downright atrocious, but how do you know which are which?


The short answer is that you don’t. One of the most important things about website design is that a website must be fast-loading and responsive. How many times do you log on to a website and wait for something to happen while you sit there saying to yourself “sometime today would be nice”? It should also work perfectly on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets because more and more people are using these to access websites, and there is nothing worse than trying to scroll across or up and down a small screen because the website is not mobile responsive.

It was said a few years back that if you don’t have a website for your business you will be dead in the water. You might still get away without a website if you run what the Americans call a “mom and pop” business such as a small corner store selling pet food and accessories. However, for the vast majority of businesses a fast-functioning website is an absolute essential in this day and age and unless you have either the expertise or an awful lot of time to spare – which most business owners don’t – creating a website which will attract customers and keep them looking is not something you can do yourself.

It is rather like having your car serviced. Certainly, there are some people who enjoy nothing more at the weekend than putting on a pair of overalls and lying on their backs with a spanner in their hands while getting covered in oil in order to service their own cars. But they are few and far between.

Much the same applies to building a website. You need someone who is competent and understands what they are doing in order to build a website which will do what you want – make sales!es on the ability to bring you the best technical website developers available. We develop websites and custom web applications using a wide variety of web technologies including, but not limited to We are the Website Design trivandrum , best web design company in trivandrum, Web Design trivandrum ,

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