3 Gig Events Extend for Blade & Soul Update 2.3 and bns gold 10% off sale

3 Gig Events Extend for Blade & Soul Update 2.3 and bns gold 10% off sale

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  1. Today, NCSOFT released Patch Notes of Update 2.3 for Soul Fighter in Blade & Soul. 3 events of Soul Fighter, Merchant of Wonders and Hongmoon Training Daily Challenge have some changes in contents and time. Now, Safewow, which offers blade and soul cheapest gold, tells you new contents in Soul Fighter event, Merchant of Wonders event and Hongmoon Training Daily Challenge event.

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    Soul Fighter event is available
    Now, only Jin, Gon and Yun are able to play the Soul Fighter class. But, don’t feel sad, you can now face Soul Fighter opponents in Trial Arena and Tower of Infinity.

    Merchant of Wonders event has been extended to July 20
    The time for Merchant of Wonders event has been extended to July 20. Now, the Merchant of Wonders are able to appear after completing 4- or 6-member Sogun’s Lament. Also, in Sundered Nexus, the spawn chance of them has been slightly increased. And there are no changes for the loot tables. They will remain unchanged for the remainder of the event.

    The Hongmoon Training Daily Challenge event is live until July 20
    Now, the Hongmoon Training Daily Challenge event in BNS is live. And it is available until July 20, just as the Merchant of Wonders event. In order to complete the Daily Challenge perfectly, NCSOFT has added Hongmoon Training Pouches to the Challenge Reward. Now you can open the Hongmoon Training Pouches to receive valuable items without limitation including Soulstone, Frozen Stinger, Moonstone, Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Ruby, Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Sapphire, and Hongmoon Training Exchange Ticket. You will be able to receive 3 on weekdays and 5 on weekends.

    New tab has been added to Dragon Express until Aug. 3
    What’s more, you can purchase Hongmoon skills for Bravery in the Premium Membership tab of Dragon Express. For example, Hongmoon Training Unsealing Charms are available in bundles of 10 on the Hongmoon Store for no cost. However, one account can only in 10 bundles. Also, in Dragon Express where to redeem Hongmoon Training Exchange Tickets for items including Flawless Sparkling Hongmoon Hexagonal Peridot and Excellent Experience Charms, a new tab has been added. And this tab will be available until August 3.

    All the changes in update 2.3 are made for a better Blade & Soul. What’s more, Safewow sincerely hopes that all players in BNS could have a good time. So we are firmly to provide you with cheapest gold blade and soul. Enjoy yourself!

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