3 Lights & Gives StarDust and EXP about Pokemon GO Plus Signals and Rare Pokemon hot sale

3 Lights & Gives StarDust and EXP about Pokemon GO Plus Signals and Rare Pokemon hot sale

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  1. Pokemon GO Plus has been available now! It has been tested that the device can denote the different statues, and that you can get EXP, Pokemon StarDust and bonuses when catching or fleeing a pokemon.

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    Blue, green and yellow lights will denote different statuses.

    1. The Pokemon GO Plus will blink blue when you encounter a PokeStop.
    2. The Pokemon GO Plus flashes green when you catch a Pokemon and it is registered in your Pokédex.
    3. The Pokemon GO Plus will blink yellow if you encounter a Pokemon that is not currently registered in your Pokédex.

    Measures for fleeing, timing and other bonuses

    Before using Pokemon GO Plus, you should remember that ONLY Pokeballs can be used with the device, neither great balls nor ultra balls.
    1. All players can get normal EXP, candy, and Pokemon StarDust, as well as 10 polestop bonus, as long as they spin pokestops and catching Pokemon with Pokemon GO Plus. BTW, you can also buy Pokemon Go StarDust cheap from Safewow when you need.
    2. There will be 25xp if a pokemon flees.
    3. Pokemon flee if they have disappeared from your screen on the app.
    4. Capture rate seems to be about average to slightly above. It is said that players don’t need to throw more than one pokeball to catch something.
    In addition, the Pokémon GO Plus can track distance wonderfully in all circumstances. And also, it works efficiently to hatch Eggs and track Buddy Pokémon.

    How to pair Pokemon GO Plus with your phone?

    Before you can catch pokemon with the device, you have to pair it with your phone!
    1. Pull the plastic tab out of the tracker;
    2. Press and hold the center button until it blinks white
    3. Launch the Pokémon Go app and head into the Settings
    4. Select Pokémon Go Plus

    Currently, the Pokemon GO Plus accessory is now available in limited quantities around the world. Have you used this device to catch pokemon with app? If not, you can try it now!

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