3 typical habits that are destroying your relationship.

Cannot feel the spark anymore? If so, then these are the habits you should avoid to save your relationship.

1. Annoying constantly

Many reviews and studies have shown that nagging is the main factor that makes your men discontent and unhappy with their relationship. Try not to pester your partner. Keep in mind that your partner doesn’t need to get things done according to your timeline and bothering will just make things worse.

2. Taking him/her for granted

The more you’ve been with your partner, the easier it becomes to take your partner for granted . Be appreciative towards your partner so that you don’t fail to notice how lucky you are to have your partner in your life.

3. Not being confident

Pretending to agree all the time with your partner when you clearly don’t is not good. It can lead to grudge and anger with time. Share your feelings in a respectful way and speak up what you think about that particular matter. 

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