4 Tips to Prepare for Shattered Empire with blade and soul gold for sale

4 Tips to Prepare for Shattered Empire with blade and soul gold for sale

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  1. Hey, we all know that Shattered Empire update arrives on April 27 and brings a variety of new content and rewards to the already vast world of Blade & Soul. We are delighted to show you some ways to be prepared for it. You can also buy cheap Blade and Soul gold on Safewow to make your journey more smoothly.

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    Guide to prepare for Shattered Empire

    1. Make sure you buy a lot of NCoins and sell packs of 100 keys to random scrubs in faction chat. Keep doing this until you have at least 600+ AP and a strong sense of superiority.
    2. Get Silverfrost dungeon antidotes. It is very helpful for you in every single asura kill. Anyone in lack of antidotes will leech in pugs and die. Silverfrost dungeon antidotes can be crafted by silver cauldron or bought from marketplace.
    3. Purchase the Hongmoon Pellet. The Hongmoon Pellet was mistakenly being sold in a stack of 5 on the Zen Bean Trader ad thus showed 5 times the cost. This has been corrected to 1x Hongmoon Pellet which will cost 2x Training Certificate and 14x Pugilist’s Token. These items can be purchased from the Zen Bean Trader or the Premium Membership tab in Dragon Express for a discount.
    4. Prepare a certain level Belt. It is very important to resist debuffs placed on your character in Sogun’s Lament. The Scorpio Belt from 6-member Awakened Necropolis will provide you a partial resist and make the transition easier for players. The “Resist’s Asura’s Brand” buff to all stages of the following belts has been expanded, including Awakened Oathbreaker Belt, True Oathbreaker Belt, Awakened Scorpio Belt, and True Scorpio Belt.

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