1. 1. Think Positive 
    Having a positive outlook is a choice. You can choose to think thoughts that elevate your mood, throw a more constructive light on difficult situations, and generally color your day with brighter, more hopeful approaches to the things you do. By choosing to take a positive outlook on life, you can begin to shift out of a negative frame of mind and see life as filled with possibilities and solutions instead of worries and obstacles.

    2. No Need to take life so seriously
    The world wants you to take your life seriously. … Computer or lash out in a fit of road rage, remember these reasons not to take life so seriously. … Do what you need to do to live a happy and fulfilled life, and forget what anyone else tells you.

    3. Keep smiling
    If you are In stress and someone smiles front of you half of your stress burns, so if we all smiles all the time we can make so many people happy in a day and we’ll get happy also. So keep smiling.
    4. Stay stress proof 
     Stress is often called the mother of all disease. So try to be stress proof with the help of meditation, eating good quality food, enjoy every movement, and remember one thing that the time will go on whether it is good or bad. So enjoy it.

    5. Leave work at work 
    Leave your work stress, work load at the work place. Because if you carry your work at home it will spoil your personal life.

    6. Be confident 
    Be confident person, Confidence is a feeling that you think you are capable of doing something. It maybe make you optimistic and pleasing. It maybe a plus for you to enjoy doing thing and enjoy life. But confidence is not the feeling that you think you are better than others. That is crazy not confidence.
    7. Finish your work at the time
    Yes this is the most important thing to do is to finish your work at the time because if you do delay in your work it will increase your work load.  

    8. Learn more
    You must learn as much as you can about the things you are going to do. It will increase your productivity .
    9. Try everything 
    You must try everything in your life, it will increase your chances to get better life.

    10. Stay fit
    for beautiful, happy, energetic, passionate life. You must stay fit by exercise , yoga, healthy food etc.  

    11. Live in present
    Avoid thinking about  your  past that will never come again and stop thinking about your future that is not come yet. So enjoy your present that you have.

    12. Think different
    Think differently, make your own way to thing or analysis the thing you are seeing, the things you are felling. 

    13. Eat healthy food
    This is very important thing to do in your life. Eat healthy food , that gives you energy,  active  life.
    14. Be creative
    Being  creative is not very common thing, but if you try it. It will help you to be confident, sharp mind, management power.
    15. Love your work

    you must love your work, if you do so you could enjoy at working time and will live stress less.
    16. Understand yourself

    Understand yourself, Aanalyse  yourself know what you can do, what you can’t. know your strength , know your weakness. Then build your strength and work on you weakness.

    17. Make healthy relationship 
    Do the things you did the first year you were dating. … • Ask for what you want. … • Become an expert on your partner. … • Don’t ask “how was your day.” … • Create a weekly ritual to check in with one another. … • Keep it sexy. … • Get creative about the time you spend together.

    18. Help others 
    There are many reasons why helping others is good for everyone. Not only does this give us a great sense of satisfaction, but this satisfaction leads to the sense of belonging. You are no longer just living an ordinary life, you are now having a positive impact on someone else’s life as well.

    “There is more happiness in giving than receiving.”

    19. Sleep 8 hours a day
    How much sleep do you need per night to stay healthy? How does insomnia put your health at risk? And if you’re having trouble sleeping, how can you make your nights more restful?
    Lack of Sleep Makes You Hungry
    feel fresh in the morning 
    feel energetic 

    20. Make proper timetable 
    Making a timetable is lead to to be on time every time and you can utilizes your free time in extra working or you could be able to make more money in that time.

    21. Keep a notebook with you
    If you having a problem of short memory like me then you need a notepad with you to keep the things remember that you are going to do, and can do possibly everything on time and without any trouble.
    22. Make fun at weekends

    If you are a working person or a business men then you need a relax mind and a fit body that’s why you need to make fun at the end of every week. That gives you a relaxation for mind and for body also that’s why you can perform better next week.

    23. Forgive people 
    You might just find that you get a sense of peace and happiness in return 🙂

    24. Be a can do person
    Always be a can do person, never say no, at least you must try it once.

    25. Be the person that makes other feel special 
    Try to be special not for everyone but at least for your loved ones and make others feel special, plain some surprises for someone special. Organize some small parts, give gifts, plain for dinner, make them proud.   

    26. Meditate everyday 20 minutes 
    Meditation is one of the best idea to relaxed. So do some meditation everyday, it can be any type like. Focusing on single thing , listening to favorite  music, etc.

    27. Control your mind
    Control your mind with the help of meditation,
    anger management 
    Learn breathing exercise
    stay relaxed  

    28. Build less desire
    Less desire means less money needed, means less work, means less stress, means you happy with what you have, means you have happy life.
    29. Travel the visiting places once in year 
    Plan a trip to visit some new places with your family, lover, friends. Once in a year.

    30. Do what you love 
    Do whatever you want to do or what you love. It makes you happy, and you can perform better then what you doing without interest. 

    31. Boost your energy level 
    Boost your energy with exercise, healthy food, yoga etc. 

    32. Execute your To – DO List 
    Make a to – do list of what you want to do. And then do your work according the to do list.

    33. Listen to the people 
    Listening to people is good idea then saying, because when you say you say what you already knows but when you listen you could learn new things.
    34. Learn from everything 

    Make curiosity against everything you see to know about how its working.  It will make you confident and knowledgeable person.
    35. Relax yourself before you start your work 
    Relaxation of mind and body is very necessary before you start anything new or old.

    36. Make some hobbies 
    Building some hobbies in you is a great idea to get interest in life. It can be part time or full time. You could earn from hobbies also.

    37. Be romantic 
    Being romantic is great idea to enjoy the life,  you will be happy with your love one.

    38. Single task
    Do single task at one time. Do not complicate you mind with so many things.
    39. Get outside your comfort zone
    Try to do something that you did not do yet. It will make u feel fresh, exiting, fear free, confident. 

    40. Drop ideas that fail 
    You must drop the idea that fails and think different and make some new idea and get success. And live more ……….


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