​5 Things That CEOs Wish Management Interns Knew

​5 Things That CEOs Wish Management Interns Knew

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  1. Internships are the sturdy doors that open into your career of choice. But if you’re a start-up, work culture can come as an unexpected surprise. As a management intern, your manager is looking for potential. Though you may well possess the ability to perform with excellence, there are some things your bosses wish you knew without them having to tell you.

    1.       Attitude Matters

    You may have an impressive educational history, but that will only get you in the door. If you are planning to hold a management position someday, a good attitude is what gets you noticed. The impression that you create on your co-workers, the atmosphere that surrounds you – if these are positive, it makes everyone’s work life easier. Managers don’t like to deal with difficult interns whenmanaging a team is already a handful. A good attitude means:

    ·         Willing to learn new things

    ·         Adapting to situations you may not like

    ·         Not complaining when made to do “donkey work”

    ·         Staying calm and professional during any conversation


    2.       Taking Initiative Will Take You Far

    As an intern, it’s not enough to quietly sit and do as you’re told. You need to be pro-active. If there isn’t a specific job outlined for you for the day, make yourself useful. If someone needs a Xerox, get one for them. If data entry needs to be carried out, make a fantastic spreadsheet with added color codes. Taking your tasks one or two steps further without being asked will show anyone who is looking that you’re willing to do what it takes to get good results. And if anyone appreciates good results, it’s the person in charge.


    3.       Communication is Vital

    As the potential leader of a team someday, you can’t afford to cause any misunderstandings. To complete a project on time, everyone involved needs to be clear about their individual tasks. Therefore, an intern training for a leadership position should learn to ask questions and get all the necessary details to ensure that jobs are done smoothly. Remember to:

    · Clarify – if you have a doubt, clear it up immediately. It’s better to ask than to make a silly mistake

    · Stay in the loop – communicate with co-workers and especially your boss to make sure everyone is up to date regarding key information


    4.       Networking is Necessary

    Though you may not be interning at the same company for more than a few months, networking is important to every person’s career. It’s important enough for business courses like the Post Graduate Diploma in Management from AIMS to include networking skills in their curriculums. CEOs and business moguls don’tfind successby keeping to themselves. They hand out business cards and make influential contacts to firmly establish their presence in the field. Your internship manager will be impressed if you do the same. However, it takes conscious effort. You can begin to network by:

    · Introducing yourself to co-workers

    · Attending office/company events

    · Posting regularly on blogs or websites that pertain to your field

    · Helping with tasks even though it may not be your job


    5.       You’re Part of a Team

    Keep in mind that as an intern, you’re at the company to learn about business as well as workplace culture.In the workplace, you’re part of a team.

    You should know that your work affects everyone around you. It isn’t like school where delaying that science project was simply a bad grade for you. If you don’t meet deadlines as a professional, your co-workers and boss will also be set back.

    Similarly, if you complete your assigned task but don’t do it thoroughly, others who use your less-than-par productionto do their task will not produce good results either.


    As a management intern you’re part of a team. Remember that a good attitude makes a lasting impression and performing even the most menial tasks well will get you noticed. These things and more will not be explained to you, but if you understand them you will be irreplaceable. 

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