5 Guides to Bridal Shoe Shopping

5 Guides to Bridal Shoe Shopping

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  1. June brides are prepping up for the most exciting event of the year – June Weddings. And for many brides, shoes are often the last items on the long "to-buy list" that get purchased. Before you panic, keep in mind that there are many modern choices out there, you do not need to get stuck with the old, traditional closed dyeables low-heeled sling backs. But then, as always, bridal shoes may look quite simple but picking the perfect pair has proven to be quite tricky that some women have their shoes custom-made for them.

    For that real hopping bride ecstasy, breaking away from the conventional and going for something modern, eye-catching at the same time comfortable to wear requires elegance with a sassy twist.

    Here’s a look at the latest fashion-forward bridal shoe collection this season:

    1. Platform Bridal. Paris Hilton bridal collection features shoes from white to gray color selection with 4 inches heels and  2 centimeters elevated platform for more height and posture. Many platform bridal shoes are satin with pleatings and darling bows to complete a romantic modern look.

    2. Dyeable Kitten Heels. Dyeables are often the most popular choice for brides which allow them to dye their special pairs for more wearable colors right after the event. Kitten heels provide comfort with low kitten heels great for standing long hours.

    3. Strappy Stilletos. Summer sandals are perfect for June weddings. Stilletos in satin white or cream are sexy and simple, they go with almost any style of wedding dresses. For more on style, Martinez Valero’s "Lyra" has a nice approach to simplicity with sparkling sexiness to it that definitely catches attention.

    4. Studded. Say "I do" in rhinestones in Pour La Victoire’s studded satin pumps made more unforgettable with blue soles. Studded shoes create an elegant look for a fairy-tale moment of a lifetime. These shoes make a good collection that will forever remind you of that special wonderful celebration.

    5. Wedges. Wedges are a bit on the chunky side but they are definitely great for beach weddings and garden celebrations so as not to sink with your heels on that soft garden soil or beach sand. Brides have more options these days to wear strappy wedges that are light, classy, trendy and comfortable to wear in any location. "Brooke" by Grace is perfect example of bridal wedges for summer outdoor venues.

    A woman’s wedding day is the biggest celebration in her life and to look absolutely stunning from head to toe is a big must. Choose the best for your wedding that reflects who you are at the same time wise in your selections. Most quality bridal shoes are reasonably priced from $30 to $120.

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