​7 Best Cellulite Treatments

​7 Best Cellulite Treatments

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  1. 15.6 million procedures availed, an estimated 30,000 cellulite removal or improvement procedures were performed, according to the same report.

    Why do cellulites appear?

    Why cellulites are taking the heat among many women isn’t hard to understand. These cottage cheese, orange peel looking bumps on the skin are causing skin to look less than attractive. While as many as 90% of women are affected, cellulites continue to cause panic and alarm in the realm of beauty. That’s why there has always been a market for cellulite products, like the Bodishape Cellulite Cream.

    Cellulites are common among women because women have a certain type of fat in the body that runs significantly more abundant than in men.  Cellulites therefore are often found in common fat storages among women — back of thighs, back of arms, abs, back of legs and buttocks.  Many people believe that obesity is the main cause.  However, the problem lies deep within the skin where it can hardly be reached by cellulite creams of firming lotions promising to kick out your cellulite problems to oblivion.

    What causes cellulites to appear, in fact, are fibers pulling down on the skin, trapping fat cells. This causes skin to dimple. Simultaneously, as trapped fats become enlarged, it pushes on the skin, causing bumps to appear on the surface.

    What works in vanishing cellulites?

    Cellulites remain to be one of the most challenging skin issues around, and the most promising procedures to make it go away are only just beginning to be found. If your cellulites are bothering you, here are 7 ways you can make it disappear for good:

    1. Cellulite Creams and Firming Body Lotions. Most of these products will give your skin high doses of caffeine, Vitamin E and loads of emollients. Unfortunately, most of the time, all these products can really deliver is a plumper, heavily hydrated skin. In effect, this does gives you instant results but results which will most likely only last you for a couple of hours. Products like the Bodishape Cellulite Cream contain retinol which appears to be one of the scientifically backed up ingredients for long-term treatment of cellulites.

    When it comes to topical cellulite solutions, however, you may be taking a risk not to see any long-term results. Also, while topical solutions can give you visible improvements, hardly will these products eliminate your cellulite problems for good. Still, different people will experience different results.

    2. Exercise. When you or your pocket is not quite ready for a clinical procedure, cellulite cream combined with regular exercise can be your best bet. Even with this combination, your cellulite issues are not likely to go away anytime soon. That’s primarily because cellulite creams and exercise aren’t really addressing the root cause of cellulites — tough fibers and trapped fat — found underneath your skin. However, this combination can help keep your cellulite problems from getting any worse.

    3. BodyFX. In 2015, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved this first ever non-invasive cellulite treatment —that means no downtime, no needle pricking whatsoever. So how does this procedure help rid you of cellulites for good? By using a device that pulls on your skin until the fibers snap and the fats are released. It then uses radio frequency to heat up the treatment area and melt away the released fat cells. Several treatments may be necessary to completely rid the treatment area of cellulites.

    4. Cellfina. Also approved by the FDA in 2015, this procedure involves a painless subcision. The first prick numbs the treatment area with anaesthesia. The second insertion cuts the fibers and releases the trapped fat cells. The manufacturer reports that positive results were maintained up to two years post procedure.

    5. Cellulaze. The first ever FDA approved cellulite removal procedure, Cellulaze involves the use of a pen-like laser that is inserted underneath the skin to cut the fibers and then melt away the fat. The heat stimulates collagen fibers which also helps thicken the skin on the treatment area.

    6. Smart Lipo. Combines low level laser light with the collagen stimulating and heating power of radio frequency to melt away cellulites.

    7. Cryotherapy. This procedure freezes fat cells in cellulites to destroy them and then heats these up to melt and be excreted naturally.


    Though people want easy, instant and visible solutions to their cellulite problems, not many consumers, however, have a good understanding of what’s causing their cellulites.


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