7 Tips to Get The Best Deal

7 Tips to Get The Best Deal

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  1. Shopping is a sport for me. I love to find extra markdowns and get the best price. Last month I bought a denim skirt at Banana Republic, originally $76 and I paid $4.20. This is not the first time I have found great deals either.

    Due to a competitive market and technology advances, you now have the opportunity to get the best prices on your purchase. You can use these helpful tips, not only for clothing but other items as well.

    Here are some suggestions; try one, try a few, or try them all.

     1) Get on mailing lists, emails and text of your favorite stores. This will help you find out when the sales are and send you insider coupons. 

    What are your favorite stores? Are you signed up with them? Why not do it now?

    2) Even if you don’t have a coupon, ask at the register if there is a sale or coupon. I have had the salespeople swipe their own coupon for me at Lord & Taylors and Bed, Bath & Beyond numerous times. 

    If not, ask if it is going on sale & when. Some stores will let you purchase the item at pre-sale prices and then it can be picked up or shipped to you when the sale starts. Bloomingdales often does this.

    3) There are many apps that will show you which stores / e-stores have the best prices. Here are a few.
         – Red Laser
         – ShopSavy
         – The Find
         – Milo
         – Price grabber
         – Shopular
         – Selfbucks

    Note: For those of you who know me, I am low tech, so if you try any of these, I would love to know your thoughts.

    4) Even if you don’t get the coupon in the mail, email or text, you can still search for coupons online.

    5) Open a store credit card. You can generally get an extra 15-20% off. Sometimes this can be combined with other coupons, deals and sales to really get a great price.

    6) Get an adjustment. If you purchase an item and it goes on sale, shortly after, many stores will allow you to bring in the receipt and get the difference back. Not all stores do this and timing after purchase will vary. Generally within a week of purchase is standard.

    7) Get price guarantee from your credit card. Many credit cards allow you to sign up for an option that tracks pricing on certain items. If the item is better priced at another store, it will send you a notification. Some credit cards will pay you the difference.

    Note – Large department stores and chain stores are the best places to get these kind of deals. Small boutiques can generally not afford such type of discounts and promotions.

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