7 ways to enjoy what you eat and avoid indigestion

7 ways to enjoy what you eat and avoid indigestion

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  1. Eating a well-balanced diet is necessary for sustaining life. The body has to receive a certain amount of nutrients in order to have energy or fuel to function properly.  Eating also is a pleasurable activity and for the most part we do enjoy the foods we eat. However, there are times when eating can cause indigestion and this is so common that people think it’s normal. Eating is not an activity that should make you sick. You should be able to enjoy a meal without worrying about suffering from indigestion afterwards. Problems with indigestion are common but can be controlled with changes in your eating habits. 

    An upset stomach, or indigestion, can be caused by many reasons, including over-eating, eating too fast, eating tainted food, ingestion of incompatible foods, allergic reactions, medication side effects, and other medical conditions. Here are some suggestions you might want to try if you are constantly bothered with indigestion when you eat. 

    1) Eat at regular intervals. Sporadic eating does not give your system time to rest. The stomach is an involuntary muscle that needs to rest when it is not working. This is why it is not a good idea to eat between meals; it does not allow the stomach muscle to rest. According to Health Guidance, the stomach needs time to not only digest food, but also to prepare digestive juices needed for the next meal. Eating at regular times with approximately 4 to 6 hours between meals, gives digestive process adequate time to be completed and allows time for the system to rest. 

    2) Don’t overfill your plate. Eat smaller portions. Even if you go back for seconds, try not to overeat. Many have been taught since childhood not to waste food or leave food on their plate. The tendency to “clean the plate” is still there. Discipline yourself to avoid gluttony. Some people are unfortunately addicted to food in much the same way a person can be addicted to alcohol and drugs. 

    3) Eat slowly. Far too many of us rush through meals. Our schedules are busy and we simply don’t take the time (or think we don’t have the time) to eat more slowly. When food is chewed too quickly it can cause heartburn and indigestion. The mouth contains digestive enzymes that begin the process of digestion. When the food is swallowed too quickly these enzymes don’t have a chance to do their work. Chew thoroughly and slowly. Eating more slowly also helps you feel full more quickly so you avoid over-eating. 

    4) Avoid excessively spicy foods.  Although some people tolerate spicy foods well, spicy foods can make indigestion worse. Highly seasoned foods can also irritate the lining of the stomach. 

    5) Chew with your mouth closed. Excessive intake of air into the stomach can occur if you chew your food with your mouth open. Talking while you eat also brings in air and may cause indigestion as it causes you to swallow too much air.   

    6) Avoid eating late in the day. Eat your final meal of the day early enough to have time to digest it. You want to definitely avoid eating sweets before bedtime. Overall, the stomach needs to have time to empty so it can rest while you are sleeping. Plan to eat your final meal about four hours prior to going to bed.

    7) Know what foods are adverse to your system. You may have already identified foods that tend to give you indigestion. According to Everyday Health, foods such as cucumbers, onions, beans, cauliflower, chocolate, fatty foods and red meats can all increase bloating and gastric discomfort. Caffeinated beverages as well as alcohol can also be problematic. You may need to identify what food types are offensive to you and eliminate these from your diet. 

    A simple diet eaten at regular times during the day is the best cure for indigestion. If you have persistent or chronic indigestion or pain, see a doctor as these symptoms may be caused by other serious health conditions.

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