8 Tips for Blade & Soul New Players to Handle Class, Weapons and More

8 Tips for Blade & Soul New Players to Handle Class, Weapons and More

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  1. Hitting NA and EU servers in January, the Blade and Soul in west has receive lots of players (more than 2 million with Rising Water update released on February 10). Now the game is becoming even bigger by launching the second update, Unchained and bringing new Warlock class. Have you been on the way or just buy BNS Gold to have a try? Here safewow summarizes some tips to help new players deal with class, weapons and others to save money/effort and get good start in the game.

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    1. Don’t go to the most crowded server if you don’t have any specific one that you would like to join. The more popular servers, the longer the queue there will be. If things become too crowded in your area, just switch to a different channel by clicking on the map in a top right or on the menu in the bottom right. Do this on a regular basis because the number of channel varies depending on the amount of the people.

    2. Pick the class depending on your play style, but also keep in mind that the higher difficulty a class has, the more you are going to struggle if you have a high-paying. There are no open classes in end game, so just make a choice and stick with it.

    3.If you want to level quickly, simply do all the quests you come across, which means regulars dailies, as well as the profession quest that you pick up at Jason village.

    4. Do not waste repair tools, germs keys, and potions. You will need them to progress through the game, but if you don’t pay attention to your consumption, you will run out and they’re very expensive to buy.

    5. While you do your class quest you will gain a Hong weapon and three pieces of jewelry. Don’t exchange items while leveling in Blade & Soul, but upgrade them all the way to max level. Don’t sell weapons and jewelry that you find because you will use those to enchant your weapons.

    6. If you press K you will open your skill tree which can be quite confusing at first. On default they show shield abilities as a list but if you hit icon button it will become a lot easier to see your abilities .

    7. Get premium membership because you will really benefit from it. The game is not pay to win but you will get more experience and money blogging queue priority, a wardrobe to store your costumes cricket teleport’s around the map and several other anythings.

    8. Items in dungeons don’t get rolled on but they are auctioned off to the highest bidder instead. Be very careful when bidding because the price may go up very fast if someone decides to increase it.

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