A Summary and Review of Water for Elephants

A Summary and Review of Water for Elephants

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  1. Let’s start with this…


    We were all looking forward to this movie. With actors such as Robert Pattison and Reese Witherspoon, it would be hard to expect anything other then a blockbuster hit. However, upon reviewing many Critics comments, then actually taking the time to view it. There is much to be said, and unfortunately not all of it is good.


    So, including a personal opinion as well as the opinions of the expert;, here goes a small summarized review of Water for Elephants:


    Critics gave Water for Elephants several different rating. It would be sufficient to say, that each review was based on self preference.


    • Yahoo.com gave this movie a , “A-” on their own ratings chart:




    • Rotten Tomatoes averaged their ratting at a whopping “60%” on their “Tomatometer”:




    Now, on a personal basis, upon actually watching the movie, following you will find the opinion of an actual person, and not a “Critic” (no offense to all those great critics out there):


    “Water for Elephants” was a very nice movie. The story line was great, the actors were top notch and the scenery was pleasant. The acting was very nice, though, I would have to admit that the two main characters lacked some sort of chemistry. It just wasn’t there. Even in the most intimate scenes, they just didn’t seem to click. Though, it was incredibly obvious that they were trying. It just wasn’t happening. Honestly speaking, it would be hard to not say, that I would have liked a lot more chemistry and passion between the two of them. Now, that has nothing to say for the actual story line. It was a pleasant movie to watch. The elephant was terrific! Rosie, definitely took the cake with her performance.

    All that having been said, it would seem that reading the book would have possibly been a bigger adventure. Sorry “Water for Elephants”, just being honest!

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