​Accelerate the Process of Magnesia Industry Integration

​Accelerate the Process of Magnesia Industry Integration

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  1.    During magnesium oxide industry technical seminar in a few days ago, Sunwen, the president of China Magnesium Salt Association, said, “In the future, in order to promote the process of magnesium oxide industry integration, the production of magnesium oxide should simplify the craft process further and realize continual and automatic production. It is should be remember by each magnesium oxide manufacturer.” 

       With the development of chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industries, our country introduced technology and process equipment of foreign advanced magnesium oxide . However, most of magnesium oxide suppliers have backward equipment. It affects magnesium oxide’s  technical competence.

       In the seminar, the president of Hebei Meishen Technology Co.,Ltd putted forward, “With the continuous specification of magnesium oxide’s species, we should research and develop targeted species and improve magnesium oxide species according to the different environment. Although magnesium oxide has the properties of small dosage and multispecies, it plays an indispensable role in improving product quality.” It should pay more attention to research magnesium oxide and establish own magnesium oxide system. In addition, we also should simplify the craft process of magnesium oxide further, and realize continual and automatic production.

       At present, the domestic magnesium oxide focus on low-and-medium-grade products. The technology of   http://www.magnesiumking.com/pharma-grade-magnesium-oxide/    pharmaceutical grade magnesium oxide, food grade magnesium oxide, high purity magnesium oxide, nano magnesium oxide and other emerging industries is dominated by foreign companies. However, as a domestic magnesium oxide supplier, the Hebei Meishen Technology Co., Ltd has already researched and developed these magnesium oxide species. Welcome to visit and discuss the cooperation.

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