1. Whenever we are frightened by a sudden stimuli, such as a vicious wild animal on the loose giving a chase after you, your adrenal glands jump into action. These two almond shaped glands sitting at atop the kidneys secrete adrenaline and other hormones into the bloodstream. As a result, the heart speeds up, breathing rate increases, blood pressure elevates, and flow of blood to the muscles increases.

    This sudden burst of energy and strength is believed to provide the extra edge that has helped generations of humans survive during adversity.Known as a flight response, this physiological reaction prepares the body to combat a real perceived threat. In our contemporary society, this particular feeling is commonly referred to as an Adrenalin rush and is acheived mostly when partaking in extreme sports like wake-boarding, skydiving, , jet-skiing, white water rafting, paragliding, wind surfing, snow-bording and bungee jumping just to name a few. The thought of experiencing adrenaline rush in your system for an ordinary individual, sounds like a very insane and dangerous idea only left for the brave stuntmen and women who watch a thousand ways to die on cable Tv. Well its true most extreme sports are highly dangerous but have you ever stopped to think of how revitalizing stuntmen must feel? Having mastered the art of paragliding for two years now, i can safely say the feeling up their is pretty amazing, considering everything that happens relies on sharp focus of steering and also the ability to spot dangers miles away.

    There was this one time i nearly collided head on into some gaping rock, had it not been for my swift instincts, i bet you woudn’t be reading this master piece now. I aquired my passion of experiecing the rush of adrenaline through my system from one bonafied collegue. I would watched her every noon setting of for a long day bungee jump and i loved to watch from down below as she tumbled down to earth, into the air like a dead bird. After a close interview she made me understand how it felt like and that’s how i realized that while in the air and falling down from the sky, the victim is breath taken from the real world into another completly different dimension where they can’t really tell the real world from the unreal.

    Composed of hysteria one feels so energetic and thats basically how i was drawn to the passion because after introspection i thought, if a girl could do it then how much of a sissy was i? Well bungee jumping was sort of so extreme for me so i opted for paragliding a lighter choice and to date i seem to enjoy the sport so much. Apart from being excited am exposed psychologically to an adrenaline rush which makes me adore the sport even more. Since i was a child i loved to watch jet skiing and snow-bording but thought of ever trying freaks me out, just hope in future i will manage.

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