1. It’s that time of year again. Agility trial season is in full swing. If you check out any of the agility calendars available online. http://www.agilityevents.net is one, or the organizations that license the shows. USDAA, AKC or Canine Performance Events) you can see that. Depending on where you live in the states of Louisiana and Texas, or across the country for that matter,  you could go to an agility trial almost every weekend. 
    Most of you know Knight Flyer Agility, based in Tenaha, Tx, holds it’s shows in January or February and November of each year. So our group has a bit before the next one. We will be hosting our November trial at the beautiful training center in Frankston, Tx owned by Terry Dyck, CMStreek. 
     CM Streek Agility Training Center, Inc is located at 19386 SH 155 N in FRANKSTON, TX. Frankston Texas is situated about two hours southeast of Dallas, and 30 minutes south of Tyler. The site is completely dog fenced, with a covered area and an air conditioned office. Two full outdoor agility rings flank the building with a backdrop of beautiful trees. This location has provided some of the most beautiful agility photos out there. It also provides several locations for portrait shots as well. As I said, Knight Flyer’s next trial isn’t until November and it’s only April! So… Well coming this weekend in the Pawprints USDAA trial in Haughton Lousianna at Riverpoint Racing Center (behind Louisianna Downs), the week after that is IFCS Championships of America (IFCS CCOA) in FT Worth at W R Watt Arena in the Will Rogers Memorial Center.
    I promise in the Dallas Area you can nearly have your pick of shows, so check out the websites… as things warm up more shows will be moving indoors, so keep checking the websites to see what is available to take the family to watch the dogs play!
    Just remember, always ask the owners before petting a dog. It’s not just being nice, some dogs may not be confortable with strangers or they may be getting ready to run and don’t need the distractions. Also, if a dog is in a crate do not touch! They can be very protective if their areas. So always ask before interacting with a dog, it’s just common sense.

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