April Fools Day $10 free cash coupon for neverwinter astral diamonds: Buy Zen with Steam issue

April Fools Day $10 free cash coupon for neverwinter astral diamonds: Buy Zen with Steam issue

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  1. Where do you usually buy Zen for Neverwinter? If you had ever bought it through Steam and nothing happened to your account, you should feel lucky. Since the new security system implemented in 2014, buying Zen with Steam always puts accounts on probation. And you will be unable to sell Zen on the Astral Diamond Exchange, and also all Zen Market purchases will be bound to your account.

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    Don’t buy Zen with steam, buy it via the ARC website directly

    Though it should be an old topic, but recently there were still people who suffered from purchasing Zen with Steam. Here is the thing: a player’s account was unable to sell Zen on the exchange market after purchasing it on Steam, after asking Customer Service for help, only found that his account was placed on temporary probation due to the purchasing. In fact, there is not only one person who purchased through steam have had a similar issue, but no helpful solution provided so far. Thus, the best way is don’t buy Zen with Steam, otherwise you will risk your account being banned.
    About purchasing zen with steam

    For those who haven’t know, the Steam is a great platform that can be used to purchase ZEN for Neverwinter. You can just log in the game via the Steam client, and then access the cash shop to buy ZEN. ZEN purchased via Steam will automatically transfer into the game and server where you are currently logged into. However, because of the secure system, it’s highly recommended you go through the ARC website to purchase ZEN.
    About the probation in Neverwinter

    This Security update has been implemented since July of 2014. According to the update patch, there is a new security system that would transition some accounts into a probationary period in order to verify payment details. The primary purpose is to prevent players from transacting with malicious users and protect players’ account safety. To further explain, when you purchase through Steam, it’s technically an approved 3rd party purchase. But PWE doesn’t see the actual money until Steam transfers the proceeds to them (it might take hours, days or weeks for them to submit the payment information to PWE). During that time your account will be on probation to prevent fraud. That’s also why PWE customer service cannot give a precise time frame for you how long the probation will be end.

    As now there is still no way to solve the problem caused by purchasing Zen with Steam, safewow suggests that you’d better buy it via ARC site directly if you need. Or you can buy cheap neverwinter astral diamonds on safewow and exchange for Zen on Auction House.

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