Artifact Weapons in Neverwinter xbox astral diamonds 10% off on sale

Artifact Weapons in Neverwinter xbox astral diamonds 10% off on sale

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  1. Underdark will see the introduction of a number of new artifact weapons. Players will have access to the new stronghold artifact weapons introduced in Strongholds. where sell the cheapest Neverwinter Diamonds will talk about the artifact weapons in neverwinter.

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    You can refine an upgraded artifact weapon into a new artifact weapon to carry over a large chunk of your progress. The best time to do so is during a double refinement event. Starting with Underdark, any artifact weapon which has been upgraded to rank 15 or above will refine into another piece of artifact equipment at double the rate, whether an event is running or not. It means refining an artifact weapon into artifact equipment will not be affected by double refinement events.

    A new contact, the Artifact Enthusiast, has been added to the Moonstone Mask. She can answer questions about this special refining rule. Artifact weapons rank 15 and above, including all existing artifact weapons, will have a new tag: Always Double Refinement. When this tag is present, that item will always refine into artifact equipment at double the rate and will not be affected by the double refinement event.
    Neverwinter is a gear-focused game. Many of your combat effectiveness come from your equipped items, and they are what make your character look cool. You can use the Change Item Appearance window to see how a single item in your inventory would look on you.

    The new Gear Preview feature let you see how any equippable item will look on you, whether you own it or not. When you see an item tooltip, you can right-click or use the context menu to bring up the Gear Preview window and see that item on your character. It includes the Collections window, the Tarmalune Trade House, the Zen Market, item links in chat, inspecting other players, quest reward lists and the Trade window.

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