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  1. The planet and it’s inhabitants have been ascending and will continue to do so as more light pours into the planet and more people awaken to who they are in the scheme of the big picture. 

    September 28, 2015 is getting a lot of attention now as the date when it is anticipated that the biggest wave of light will flood the planet helping to raise the vibration of all existence on earth. As the vibration raises within the individual, the person ascends. The anticipation at this time, is that about a third of the population are to ascend to the fifth dimension of reality. Currently, people are in the third or fourth dimensions with more limiting experiences.

    The most important thing to remember is that the more positive and at peace someone remains, the easier life is. Therefore, when tempted to engage in fear, it is best to focus on whatever it will take to restore oneself to peace and balance. The more each individual makes that a priority, the more peace and balance there will be in the world as the world is one at essence. 

    Those that are ready to let go of their negative past, limited thinking, fears and attachments to the way things have been, the easier it will be for them to ascend. Why is it beneficial to ascend? Once someone ascends, they will then evolve into living conditions of greater ease. 

    The lower dimensions of reality have been challenging for all who exist there. The higher dimensions provide an existence that is more pleasant. That would seem optimal to most people. Many aspire to those higher realms to gain an easier life but many live in resistance. The resistance is caused to the attachments to the ideas they have been taught clinging more to the old ideas than the new possibilities that actually exist for them. 

    To move forward and experience what they ultimately would prefer, would mean that they would have to let go of many beliefs they, their ancestry and society have clung to for a very long time. Clinging to the old ideas that created the existence that has caused them to suffer, however, will only contribute to further suffering. 

    The ascension is a gift allowing all humanity to move out of the old and outmoded ways of life that have caused them to suffer and live in limitation. This is a golden opportunity to move into a more effortless existence. But, the fantasy of freedom is often outweighed by the commitment to the belief systems ingrained within them. 

    Those limited beliefs that prevent them from letting go and evolving will keep them stuck in the reality they so often complain about and want relieved. They will remain stuck in this old paradigm until ready to let go and allow new possibilities to emerge for them. 

    For those interested in embracing the possibilities of peace, joy, freedom, love, balance and abundance that exist for them when they ascend, need to let go of their fear, limiting beliefs, attachments to the past and allow themselves to be set free. As they untether themselves from what was, they can ascend to what could be. 

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