At-Home Aerobic Exercises

At-Home Aerobic Exercises

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  1. Aerobic exercise includes any activity that increases your heart rate for an extended period of time. During this phase of exercise, oxygen is used to breakdown fats and glucose for fuel. Aerobic exercise challenges the heart and lungs which can strengthen your entire cardiovascular system. Studies suggest that regular aerobic exercise can increase your metabolism, strengthen your immune system, improve cholesterol and even increase your overall mood. There are several forms of aerobic exercise that you can preform at home.

    Jump Rope

    Jumping rope is a challenging exercise that is a common training method used by boxers. The rhythmic skipping associated with jumping rope can build coordination and endurance, in addition to the benefits of general aerobic exercise. Before you attempt some of the more challenging footwork patterns and longer conditioning bouts, it’s important for you to become comfortable with the use of the jump rope. Start with brief intervals and gradually increase the time you are able to use the rope without tripping.

    Stair Climbing

    If you have a stair case in your home, you can use it to get an aerobic workout without any equipment. In addition to its cardiovascular benefits, stair climbing will engage and challenge the large muscles of the legs. Start out by stepping up and down onto the first step and gradually increase how many steps you go up. To be safe, do not go above the tenth step since it can be difficult to descend.


    Aerobic dance can be an enjoyable alternative to other forms of exercise and there are many programs available for purchase on DVD which will show you various workouts. If there is a specific style of dance you are familiar with a enjoy, you can also use that to base your own workout off of.


    Jogging in place is an aerobic exercise that you can do at home with no equipment, even while watching television. Find an easy pace that you can sustain for long periods of time and chose a floor surface that provides good grip and support. This mode of at-home aerobic exercise may be difficult to maintain because it is extremely repetitive.

    Light Weight Lifting

    Performing weight lifting routines with light weights that allow you to execute around 15 repetitions will also act as an aerobic workout. Choose compound exercises such as squats and lunges that engage multiple large muscle groups. Perform three sets of each exercise for a total workout of around 30 to 45 minutes.

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