Attacking Psychics

Attacking Psychics

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  1. They are out there. Especially on the internet. Psychics who attack. These psychics who attack others think they are higher up than other psychics. Sure they will attack clients, but their main targets are other psychics. Why do these so-called psychics attack? Here’s why:

    Psychics who attack other psychics are trying to get the other psychic to back down so they attacking psychic can be the winner and gain more clients.

    Psychics who attack are not true psychics and just want money. They are scam artists and professional liars.

    For whatever the reason a psychic has to attack, it is not professional and not appropriate. If you are being attacked by a psychic report that psychic immediately.

    Not too long ago I was being verbally attacked by a fake psychic on a psychic site I used to be on.

    I believe I briefly mentioned about attacking psychics in my blog “Karma: What It Truly Is.”

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