Best All-Body Fitness Routine

Best All-Body Fitness Routine

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  1. Every new year brings resolutions for losing weight and getting fit.  How can you do this effectively and still balance work, family, and friends?  For many people, the new year’s resolution is all but forgotten by the time Valentine’s Day arrives with chocolate treats around every corner.  A key to the best all-body fitness routine is mixing fat burning aerobics with weight training; this combination is also referred to as circuit training.  And the best part is that you do not need to spend several hours a day to achieve your fitness goals.  Do you have 30 minutes a day to devote to working out?  With some dedication, you can carve this time out to improve your lifestyle.

    Mixing It Up

    Old fashioned workouts stressed aerobics one day and weight training the next day.  The workouts are not only time consuming, but ineffective at burning fat fast.  Achieving the best all-body fitness routine requires you to mix up the exercise types.  For example, spend several minutes lifting weights while performing leg squats and then follow it up by jogging in place for 2 to 3 minutes.  If this process is repeated for 3 to 4 circuits, you will have an effective 30 minute workout routine.

    Creating a Recovery Time

    Performing a circuit routine can be tiring, especially for beginners.  You can create a form of recovery time while still exercising; add 1 or 2 minutes of abdominal crunches in-between each circuit.  Although you are still exercising, your body does get a small break from its high heart rate during weight lifting and aerobics.  As a result, you will have exercised all the main muscle groups for a strong overall body.


    The 30 minute circuit training workout does not need to be performed every day.  Performing 3 to 4 workouts each week should be sufficient to keep your body in shape.  However, you should keep in mind that these workouts still need to be complemented by a healthy diet.  Adding fresh fruits and vegetables as healthy snacks will help you retain energy throughout the day while assisting your metabolism to burn more calories and fat.

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